Differences & Similarities Between Grizzlies Vs Gorillas

grizzly bear vs gorilla

Grizzlies and gorillas are both large animals that can be found in the wild. There are some differences between them, however. For example, grizzlies are typically found in North America, while gorillas are found in Africa. Additionally, gorillas are more popular than grizzlies. Let us explore more about grizzly bear vs gorilla.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the differences between these two animals.


Grizzly bears typically live in forests, but they can also be found in tundra and meadows. They are mostly found in North America, specifically in Alaska and Canada. Gorillas, on the other hand, live in tropical or subtropical forests. These forests are found near the equator in Africa. For example, gorillas that live in the wild can be found in the Congo Basin. 


When it comes to size, grizzlies are generally larger than gorillas. An adult grizzly bear can weigh anywhere from 290 to 1,400 pounds. They can also stand up to 6.5 feet tall when they are on all fours.

Gorillas also vary widely in size depending on the subspecies. For example, eastern lowland gorillas weigh between 200 and 400 pounds, while western lowland gorillas only weigh between 150 and 200 pounds. Gorillas also tend to be shorter than grizzlies, with an average height of 4 to 6 feet when they are on all fours. 


Grizzly bears are omnivores which means that their diet consists of both plants and animals. Some of the things that they eat include berries, roots, fish, and small mammals like ground squirrels. Gorillas are also omnivores, but their diet consists mostly of plants. Specifically, they eat fruits and leaves. Occasionally, they will also eat insects such as ants or termites. 


When it comes to popularity, gorillas tend to be more popular than grizzlies. This is likely because gorillas are considered to be tamer than grizzlies and have been studied more by scientists, which has resulted in a greater understanding of their behavior and habits. 

Additionally, there have been several successful films featuring gorillas that have helped increase their popularity, such as “Gorillas in the Mist” and “King Kong.” There have not been any successful films featuring grizzlies which have likely contributed to their lower popularity levels.  

Check out the comparison: 

In summary, here is a comparison of grizzly bears and gorillas: 

  • Grizzlies are found in North America, while gorillas are found in Africa 
  • Gorillas are more popular than grizzlies 
  • Grizzlies are larger than gorillas 
  • Grizzlies eat both plants and animals, while gorillas eat mostly plants 


Overall, there are several significant distinctions between grizzly bears and gorillas, including their habitat, size, diet, and popularity levels. It’s true that these are only generalizations; however, within each species, there is a lot of variation. If you want to see a gorilla or grizzly bear in person, your best bet is a zoo.

However, if you wish to view a gorilla in its natural habitat, you will need to travel to Africa. While it may appear difficult at first glance, it is definitely feasible with some planning and study!